RCPA Quality Assurance Programs are world leaders in the provision of external quality assurance (EQA) for pathology laboratories.  We offer a comprehensive range of EQA for all disciplines of pathology including Molecular Genetics, Bio Security and Point-of-Care.  Our programs are offered in Australia and internationally in over 40 countries. RCPAQAP is committed to provide an efficient and customer focused  service to participants.

RCPAQAP are accredited to ISO/IEC 17043: 2010 Conformity assessment-general requirements for proficiency testing, and the company holds certification to ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Systems.

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Participants are provided with regular and frequent challenges, peer reviewed assessment and educational activities to monitor the quality of their laboratory services ensuring they meet accreditation requirements.  Our strength lies in the expertise and support provided by an extensive advisory network consisting of pathologists and scientific staff from Australia and internationally.

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RCPAQAP Virtual Image Viewer Change

Please be advised of the upcoming change to our platform for viewing virtual images.

Links to virtual slides will no longer be viewed using Aperio Webscope. From 2016, images will be displayed and manipulated with our new Collibio viewer.

To assist you with the planned change, more information and some sample images are provided on our website. You may wish to try the new Collibio viewer in prior to the commencement of the 2016 surveys. We truly expect that you will enjoy our new solution.

Web page: http://www.rcpaqap.com.au/rcpaqap-collibio

Google Chrome Version 45 Incompatibility

The RCPAQAP utilises Java applet technology for the majority of our online data entry functionality. Whilst the Java plug-in for web browsers has been supported by all major browsers for over a decade, Google’s Chrome version 45 web browser release (September 2015) drops support for the Java plug-in along with support for a number of other plug-ins such as Microsoft Silverlight and Facebook Video. If you use, or upgrade to, version 45 of the Google Chrome web browser, you will experience problems accessing the majority of RCPAQAP’s online data entry systems.

In the short term, to avoid this problem, Oracle (owners of Java) recommend using Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari web browsers instead of Google Chrome. For a permanent fix to this problem, RCPAQAP are currently developing new online data entry functionality that does not rely on Java applet technology.

Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by this change and, should you require more information on this issue, please raise a support request via either the RCPAQAP website (Contact -> Contact Form) or the myQAP website.


2016 Enrolments NOW OPEN

Several system enhancements have been made in an effort to further improve the online enrolment facility. Participants are invited to browse the RCPAQAP Product Catalogue and the Enrolment Flyer which contain information about New modules that are being offered and important program changes. The Flyer also contains an enrolment checklist that we hope will assist with the enrolment preparation process.

Participants are encouraged to process their enrolment(s) as soon as possible in order to secure survey material. Sample availability can only be guaranteed between the months of September and December. The myQAP system allows registered RCPAQAP participants to manage all aspects of their EQA subscription on-line at their convenience. For instructional information on how to navigate the myQAP Customer Portal, please refer to the myQAP ‘Help’ tab.

Continuous efforts are being made to integrate all of the current QAP databases so that our participants have one single log-in to enrol and submit survey results. Details of the projects progress will be posted on the Home page of the website.

The RCPAQAP Terms of Trade must be accepted in order to finalise an enrolment.

Please see RCPAQAP Terms and Conditions for the use of myQAP and our Privacy Policy.

As always, participants are encouraged to provide feedback via the myQAP Requests tab.



FAQ Document Now Available

An FAQ document has been prepared in response to feedback from participants on PDF reports read more